About me.

I have always been fascinated by patterns and shapes particularly those in motion, like the patterns of light shining through shifting leaves and branches of trees; memories of being left in my pram under the trees…
As a young child I made patterns out of petals and leaves and the colourful buttons my grandmother kept in her button box…
I also liked to dance. I didn’t have any formal training but just felt my body moving naturally to music. Games of play acting and make believe also took hold of me and when I was a little older I started making props, writing plays, and acting in them.
As an adult I went to Art School but I also kept up my interest in theatre. After finishing my BA Fine Art I became more involved with Physical Theatre (which involves movement and dance) and at this time I took to mask making in a serious way. This last lead me into performances of masked Greek drama.
I have always been eclectic, trying out various forms of art in different media, I have also written plays and stories. All the time I have made paintings and drawings (quite apart from my theatrical work) and I present some of them here.

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